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It’s completely free to use the site, you simply go to the Healcam website, select your sex, say whether you’d like to talk to a male, female or ‘anyone’ and then choose your condition.

At present there are 5 to choose from: Back &Neck, Diabetes, Cancer, Pregnancy and Childbirth, and Heart Disease.

Think of it as a cleaned-up Chatroulette, matching people through Facebook connections and shared interests.

According to the New York , it will feature safeguards to make sure you aren’t constantly coming face-to-face with somebody else’s crotch.

Recent people we met on Chatroulette included a recently retired U. Marine and two sisters in Manila who wanted to talk about food.

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Celebrities like Ashton Kutcher, Perez Hilton and Paris Hilton has been spotted using the service.

The premise behind Chat Roulette was fiendishly simple.

Utilise the webcam that’s built into most people’s computers and add an element of sex to it.

Where else on the Internet can you chat about sports, watch a guy play live guitar, and join a house party in the United Kingdom -- all within five minutes?

If you've answered Chatroulette, you've no doubt caught the buzz about this new -- and controversial -- webcam website. For every teenager innocently strumming "Freebird," there's a man engaging in sexual behavior in front of an online audience.