Hoda kotb dating

The couple divorced in 2007 after two years of marriage and had no children. Hoda Kotb shared the cutest photo of her daughter, Haley Joy, spending time with Kathie Lee Gifford on Monday, March 27.

Gifford, 63, held the newborn while Gifford, 63, held the newborn while Hotb sweetly touched her baby girl’s little feet.

Hoda Kotb, the co-host of NBC's Today Show's fourth hour with Kathie Lee Gifford, is in the relationship again, having divorced earlier. She married Burzis Kanga, former tennis coach for the University of New Orleans in 2005.

Caption: Hoda Kotb has featured in breast cancer awareness video.Kotb moved in with her boyfriend, Joel Schiffman, last year.She was previously married to former University of New Orleans tennis coach Burzis Kanga.Hoda Kotb was just given a friendly lesson in motherhood by NBC News’ Maria Shriver.As you can see, teacher and student had so much fun!