Htc updating phonebook with facebook Chat 121sex

Although enabling synchronization is a good idea in order to become available to all of your friends, you might want to un-sync your contacts and phonebook from your Facebook account when you plan to deactivate or completely delete your account, of if you are heading towards creating a new Facebook profile for your business or personal use.By syncing your Facebook contacts with your Android contacts, you can import your Facebook friends' contact information to your address book.My i Phone address book holds nearly 800 contacts including defunct numbers, contacts containing no information, and of course the requisite dozens of duplicate contacts.This is the result of years of syncing various email accounts and social media profiles.Tap on the photo and choose "Use this Photo" for the contact icon.When you first install the Facebook app on your Android phone, it asks you to synchronize the app with your contacts.In the middle on the top you must select “turn on all platform applications”, if it says “turn off all platform applications” you are fine, just go back to your Edit Profile as above and try and fill out all steps, including adding work location and city state.

Padgalskas graduated from American University in 2007 with degrees in international studies and economics.One can always assign the picture to a contact manually using the built-in tools on the phone.However, doing the job manually kills the fun, especially when you have hundreds of contacts you wish to assign respective display pictures to.If your friend includes her phone number and email address on her profile, that information will be included in your address book.Your friends' profile pictures will also sync with your address book if the name you have listed in your address book is the same as their Facebook profile name. Tap the circle next to "Sync with existing contacts" if you only want to sync information with contacts that are already in your address book.