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Ainsi, chaque épicerie propose un espace de convivialité, généralement appelé « le café », où bénéficiaires, bénévoles, travailleurs sociaux pourront se retrouver, tisser des liens, s’informer et converser autour de boissons chaudes et fraîches.On ne peut établir de portrait-robot des bénéficiaires des épiceries solidaires.

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If you're after sports-specific adaptations such as a throwing arm for softball that can hold out for more than half an inning or legs that will carry you to the finish line of a marathon high reps can help.

Taking that to an extreme, many lifters adopt a powerlifting approach, coupling very heavy weights with low reps.

Take a look around your gym, and you're likely to find an aspiring bodybuilder or two struggling through sets of squats or bench presses with weights at or near their one-rep maxes.

High reps, medium reps, low reps—each approach has been touted as an ideal way to build muscle.

Stalwarts in the exercise business argue with deep-rooted passion, but incontrovertible conclusions are rare, leaving the average Joe wondering: If you've ever tried a set of 15 or more reps, you know it can be difficult.