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Yet there could be an ugly side to this that could turn what looks like increased responsibility into a demographic threat.According to a paper by Jean Twenge of San Diego State University and her colleagues Ryna Sherman and Brooke Wells, published on Tuesday in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior, 15 percent of 20- to 24-year-old Americans born in the 1990s have had no sexual partners after their 18th birthday, compared with just 6 percent of people born in the 1960s at the same age.This is in line with previous research showing that those millennials who do have sex tend to have less of it and fewer partners.For this story, I compared Ok Cupid, Tinder, JSwipe, Hinge, and Bumble — and I was surprised by the app that ultimately became my favorite.Millennials are less sexually active as young adults than previous generations were.