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The original PSP model (PSP-1000) was replaced by a slimmer model with design changes (PSP-2000/"Slim & Lite") in 2007.

Another remodeling followed in 2008, PSP-3000, which included a new screen and an inbuilt microphone.

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PSP1000: 74 mm (2.9 in) (h) 170 mm (6.7 in) (w) 23 mm (0.91 in) (d) PSP2000/3000: 71 mm (2.8 in) (h) 169 mm (6.7 in) (w) 19 mm (0.75 in) (d) PSP GO: 69 mm (2.7 in) (h) 128 mm (5.0 in) (w) 16.5 mm (0.65 in) (d) PSP E1000: 73 mm (2.9 in) (h) 172 mm (6.8 in) (w) 21.5 mm (0.85 in) (d) It primarily competed with the Nintendo DS, as part of the seventh generation of video games consoles.

The Play Station Portable became the most powerful portable system when launched, just after the Nintendo DS in 2004.

It was the first real competitor to Nintendo's handheld domination, where many challengers, such as SNK's Neo Geo Pocket and Nokia's N-Gage, failed.