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I had to walk through village areas far from the town centre and many kids would come up to me and speak… So any Arabic they would use with people, would tend to only be that they learned in schools.

It was fun to chat to a couple of the kids there, but I definitely noticed a big difference in the women I would see.

A hot air balloon has exploded and plunged to Earth at Egypt's ancient temple city of Luxor during a sunrise flight, killing up to 19 tourists.

The balloon carrying 21 people was flying at 300 metres when it caught fire, a security official said.

Security services cordoned off the scene of the crash in Luxor's dense sugar cane fields, as police and residents inspected the charred remains of the balloon.

The balloon had been floating over the west bank of Luxor, one of Egypt's most renowned archaeological sites and home to the famous Valley of the Kings and the grand Temple of Hatshepsut, when it exploded.

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While there I almost felt like I was in another country; it's so different to the rest of Egypt, especially since this time I got to meet another ethnic group (the first ones being the Nubians), this time the Berbers.An Egyptian security official said 19 tourists from Hong Kong, Japan, Britain, France and Hungary had died in the crash.An employee at the company operating the balloon, Sky Cruise, said the pilot and one tourist survived by jumping out of the basket before it hit the ground.(Today's video is in English, but has a brief segment in Arabic when I chat to my jeep driver.The entire video, as always, is subtitled using Youtube's captions option).