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We will have face painting from 10am-noon, food trucks throughout the day, and places for all to join in and show off their chalk art creativity!

Artists of all ages will be assigned specific locations to create their chalk art! Chalk provided by Friends of the Library; artwork must be appropriate for all ages and families.

When: Saturday, August 12, 2017 - AM - PMWhere: East Library - 5550 N. at EA Makerspace During Open Hours MAKE @ East is available for patrons to work on their own projects while a trained PPLD staff member is present.

Using you can: o Browse and join networks, which are organized into four categories: regions, colleges, workplaces and high schools.

It is made up of roughly 2.6 million employees, career government personnel, many freelance contractors, the press (an analogy for the Fourth Estate) and special interest groups that increasingly perceive America’s Judeo-Christian morality, historical emphasis on rugged individualism, and free-market capitalism as enemies of a socialistic new world order they aspire to embrace.➤ Get help with ALL aspects of Buzzen IRC➤ From beginner to advanced help available ➤ Supports TG007and➤ Latest RSS feeds from all major scripting sites➤ Support Forum and Downloads provided freely AUSTRALIAN LOBBY CHAT R18 IT IS NOW TIME FOR AUSTRALIA TO MOVE WITH THE REST OF THE WORLD AND TIME TO RISE FROM CONSERVATIVE DECISIONS.

IT'S TIME FOR MARRIAGE EQUALITY JOIN US TO SIGN THE PETITION LOVE IS LOVE #AUSTRALIANPRIDE #MARRIAGEEQUALITY #LOVEISLOVE #PASSTHEBILL #KEEPFIGHTING15 Gor ~ Thunderwolf Memorial Hospital of Port Olni - The Physicians Training Center of Gor ~ Non Combat Area ~ Drama and Disney Free ~ Walk-ins welcome, a proper RP entrance will get you recognized ~ visiting slaves beg entry. bonjour et bienvenue a tous dans le salon de le-salon-des-bon-amis et a toute attention cette salon est réservé au français belge italien anglais etas uni canada espagnole Irlande U.

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click here for calendar view When: Saturday, August 12, 2017 - AM - PMWhere: Library21c -1175 Chapel Hills Drive at Ent Conference Center Administer amateur (ham) radio exams for new and upgraded FCC licenses.