Validating carrier marketing career

While in this role, the Benefit Analyst should be developing relationships with clients and carrier contacts and working proactively to effectively and efficiently deliver services to clients.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: * Assist Account Teams in day-to-day client servicing by fielding specific client questions and needs.

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Massage therapists work for employers in a variety of environments, including spas and hospitals, and some are self-employed with their own small businesses.Regardless of the working arrangement, massage therapists should be friendly and personable to attract a consistent client base.The increasing number of spas and massage clinics in recent years underscores a growing demand for massage services.Massage therapists can specialize in deep-tissue, acupressure, reflexology, orthopedic, sports massage and other areas.Often, massage therapists become experts in several modalities, all of which require specific skills and techniques.