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Fuller left the show five episodes into Season 1 because of creative differences; creative direction was taken over by executive producers John Masius and Stephen Godchaux.

A direct-to-DVD movie titled Dead Like Me: Life After Death was released on February 17, 2009, Eighteen-year-old Georgia "George" Lass (Ellen Muth) is the show's protagonist and narrator.

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I blink my eyes open each morning, inch out of bed, and pull back the window shades, ensuring the light that leaks into the room avoids my husband's eyes. In this moment, I realize I have the best job in the world. One of my favorite quotes is by Emily Bronte: "Whatever souls are made of, his and mine are the same." I'm lucky to photograph two souls committed to the promise of forever. In her darkest moments, she cried but her mother promised Jenney she'd be fine, she'd...

Jenney's mother was diagnosed with cancer and she moved back home to Washington DC from Utah to be closer to her family.

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George soon learns that a reaper's job is to remove the souls of people, preferably just before they die, and escort them until they move on into their afterlife.I think I have looked at the photos like 20 times so far today and each time it takes me back to our wedding day. I sent Jeremy a link to your blog in an email and told him “she is my dream photog!I never wanted our day to end and I was so sad to hear the last song play but now looking at your photos gives me that special feeling I felt on our day again. I wonder what she charges to come to Hawaii…” And then we met you and you were just as awesome as I had hoped.You and JD are so great to work with, you really made us so comfortable and I felt like you guys were part of our family. :) Anyway- I think God shows me he loves me by giving me good parking spaces and putting certain people in my life. :) Hugs, Marissa View Shoot "You guys blew our expectations out of the water!! We are at LAX waiting to leave for Hawaii and I just had to send you a quick email.You truly have a gift working with people, I mean really is there anyone on this Planet or in this galaxy for that matter that doesn’t LOVE, LOVE, LOVE working with you???? We loved having you there to document our big day and only hope you return to Colorado again … We saw the blog post and the photos and they are AMAZING!!!! I’m so glad that you enjoyed yourselves in NYC and I feel so lucky to have found you to photograph our wedding, I wouldn’t have had it any other way.